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Budgeting 101


At Just Ask Kiky, we go above and beyond to meet our clients’ travel needs. No matter where you’re going, we want to make your experience everything you imagine it could be without the stress..

When funds are low, experiencing a luxury like travel seems impossible. When I was a single mom, my income was always tight. In order to keep my sanity, I found family-friendly things that I could do within my budget including travel.

Just Ask Kiky budget travel service provides a step by step process on how you can achieve that vacation you always wanted to take.


  • A copy of my book, Just Ask Kiky A Single Parent's Guide to Surviving Being Broke and Still Having a Social Life

  • An extensive set of unique resources

  • One hour consultation that provide a guide to picking a location, setting a realistic goal and saving for your next vacation

  • Additional life resources beyond travel

  • Email communication for future questions or instruction


Just want to purchase the book. Order your copy below for 10.95

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