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What's My Name?

It is imperative that when booking travel regardless if you use a travel agent or not that you list your name as it appears on the identification used to travel.

That means if that passport has your full government name on it, so should the booking. You don't want to get stuck paying a hefty fine to change it.

It Costs What!?

Name correction on airline tickets as small as a letter can cost you. It is imperative that the full name as stated on the identifcation/passport used to travel is exact. You could get denied boarding. The only option at that point is going to the airline counter to request a correction. Hopefully you got to the airport in a timely manor and there is not a long line at the counter. If it is, now you're facing the possibility of missing your flight because of the time it takes to get through the line. We haven't even got to the fees.

The name change fees and details for airport tickets vary depending on the airline, the type of ticket, and the specific circumstances of the name change.

Non-Refundable Tickets: Most airlines will charge a fee to change the name on a non-refundable ticket. These fees can range from $50 to $500 or more, depending on the airline and the specific circumstances of the change. Refundable tickets may have some lenient policies but don't count on it. These policies can change quickly due to the travel environment. The airline has the right to make changes on case by case basis depending on the their written terms and conditions (you should read those before purchase as well)

Same-Day Changes: If you need to change the name on your ticket on the same day as your flight, you may be charged a higher fee than if you make the change in advance.

International Travel: If you are traveling internationally, the name on your ticket must match the name on your passport. If you need to change the name on your ticket due to a name change or error, you may need to provide documentation, such as a marriage certificate or passport, and you may be charged a fee.

Travel Company/Travel Agent Fees: In addition to the airline fee, you may incur additional fees from the company that your vacation is booked through and the travel agent you work with may charge a fee for all the leg work involved in making that change

Always fully read and make sure you understand all terms and conditions of all forms signed and details of travel before committing and making payments. Questions? Just Ask Kiky !

Just Ask Kiky's name change policy: Name changes of any kind will be processes at a fee of $25 plus the cost of the change with the airline or travel company. Change will not be processed until fee payment is received.

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